The new partitioning systems on the market today offer many advantages over traditional forms of construction. When compared with Blockwork or Timber stud, lightweight Metal stud-based systems can be installed in a very productive and efficient manner.

Metal studs also allow us to retain high levels of quality control and strict tolerances on setting out. All of the above ensures that we can comply with tight building deadlines, as demanded by the industry.

A partition room we have installed

Key attributes of metal stud and demountable partitions:

  • Lighter in weight - Less loading on the building's structure

  • Reduced installation time

  • Dimensionally accurate

  • Lower cost of installation - Due to reduced time on site

  • Incorporation of M&E services - Including cable management

  • Numerous options - Choose insulation and board finish/performance

  • Relocatable - Greater flexibility for the client

A glass partition Another example of a glass partition

Main System Types:

Metal Stud/ Plasterboard

Can use varying types of studs, mainly 50mm, 70mm or 146mm. Can be faced with any type of plasterboard, dependent on performance required. A very flexible system which can be tailored to meet thermal, acoustic, and structural fire protection requirements. Operable over a wide range of environments and duty ratings.

Relocatable Systems

Primarily utilised within office environments. Based on a metal stud framework with aluminium or steel colour coded sections. Panels can be solid or glazed and include integral blinds. Doors are also integrated into the system, with many varied wood veneers on offer.

This system is also very flexible, and great for creating new offices, meeting rooms etc, and optimising the available space. As the name suggests they can be taken down and re-located.

Silicon Glazed Partitions

Frameless partitioning systems have outstanding aesthetics. The joints between the glass sheets are formed using an ultra slim silicon joint which can be pre formed or installed on site. Head and wall channels are available in aluminium or timber. Suited to virtually every environment, systems may be single or double glazed. Walls can be straight, faceted or curved.

We offer a huge choice of doors ranging from the conventional hinged timber type to sliding glass and flush double glazed. Corporate logos can be incorporated into the manifestation of the glass. If required systems can be supplied giving fire resistance up to 60 minutes integrity and insulation - depending on construction.

An example of a glass partition Another example of a glass partition A glass partition with corporate logo incorporated into the glass panel