Health & Safety

We have a responsibility to our operatives.

We ensure that they are working in a safe and protected enviroment.

This safe operating practice also gives reassurance to our clients.

All operatives wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

As supplied by Macrotech Contracts. The minimum mandatory requirement being safety boots, helmet, gloves and a high visibility waistcoat.

Substantial changes to Health and Safety have been implemented through new legislation in recent years.

The industry has had to absorb and put them into practice.

Since most of our operatives have worked with us for many years, we have been able to work with them, constantly evolving and improving their training. It's a constant process, which we are always reassessing. We could not have achieved the results and progress made to date without the co-operation of all our operatives.

As well as mandatory training, we invest in individuals who feel they will benefit from additional training.

With regular meetings and tool box talks we welcome input from all our staff assisting continuous improvement in all areas.

All of our regular operatives are given relevant training and certification for use of:

The logo for the PASMA association The logo for IPAF, an organisation that promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.