Charity Support

At Macrotech Contracts, we aren't just construction workers. We pride ourselves on our awareness of the planet, its different cultures, and the environment.

In addition to our environmental policy, we are involved in and support a number of different projects.

The village of Dumbutu in the Gambia

Woodbury Salterton Dumbutu Link

(Charity number 1088632)

This charity was developed to aid the education and livelihoods of the inhabitants of the village of Dumbutu, in the West African country The Gambia.

Macrotech founder Tony was chair of the committee for a number of years and his daughter has now taken up the position.

The charity gives lots of aid to support the development of the village, its school, and its medical centre. Many of the children whose education was paid for by the link now have jobs in the city bringing money back home to the village.

Some of the wildlife cared for by Wild Woodbury

Wild Woodbury

A group set up by Tony with the intention of making the Parish of Woodbury a fantastic place to enjoy wildlife.

We encourage biodiversity by providing and maintaining habitats and healthy food webs. By linking various habitats together we provide highways for nature to help prevent inbreeding and allow animals to forage over larger areas

Our work make the area a richer place to live and will benefit all members of the community.

Find us on online:

A whaleshark

Shark Conservation Society

Developed as a reaction to the declining number of Sharks in the wild. Tony is now director of the society. Membership of this society includes participating in research and awareness campaigns. The Shark Conservation Society seeks to further conservation through research expeditions and science based campaigns, and to promote best practice when interacting with sharks.