About Us

Macrotech Contracts is an interior construction company with the aim of providing a superior design and installation service to clients wishing to fit-out or refurbish properties.

Macrotech founders in 1990
1990: Paignton Post Office. Installing Suspended Ceilings. Andrew and Tony working on Macrotech's first big job!

We have been providing high quality service since Andrew Hammett and Tony Bennett founded the company in Exeter during 1989.

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It is our mission to deliver a high quality service at competitive rates. We believe the way to achieve the best result is to put the maximum effort and care into our work, and to endeavour to understand each customer's specific needs. Details of some of our projects are given on the Client References page.

We use the latest techniques and highest quality materials to provide walls, ceilings and floors that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Setting out and levelling on site is executed with a high degree of accuracy with laser technology. As part of our service we analyse our customer's requirements and provide systems that incorporate lighting, cable management, ventilation and any other services applicable to the contract.